About Lu Ross

Lu Ross Academy

A history of excellence since 1964

• Lu Ross Academy has been training professionals for the beauty industry for 56 years. We like to think of LRA as one of the oldest but freshest schools in California.

• The Lu Ross Barbering Academy location at 93 S. Chestnut St has only coulee only – Barbering. Lu Ross is a true Barber School. Each student spends many hours actually working on clients on the Barber clinic floor. The school’s goal is to provide the practical training and experience necessary to give our graduates fulfilling and financially rewarding lifetime careers.

• It is not easy to become a success in this business without a getting a good start. It all starts with your education. The goal is to nurture your development at every stage of the program.

• You are an individual and you will find your own professional and creative voice and style. Our students are given the opportunity to find their style after learning the fundamentals.

• The Lu Ross Academy Barber School has 9,000 square feet of facilities.

• Services are conducted on real clients. We see the value of putting you in a real world situation where professionalism, high-quality services, and the ability to communicate are the benchmark for success.

For a full list of our courses other than barbering please visit our beauty school